Matilda Awards

Monday 20th Feb 2017

The Matilda Awards are a not-for-profit organisation that honour and celebrate the achievements of the Queensland theatre Industry.


Most of the Matilda Award nominations are determined by the judging panel. You can invite the panel to consider your show for the awards by inviting them 6 weeks in advance.

Some Specialty Matilda Awards are open for nomination from within the sector. You can nominate someone for these awards here.

The Emerging Female Arts Leader Award

Before you write a nomination, please ensure you have read the guidelines for this award. Nominations for the 2018 Matilda Awards close at midnight on December 16th.

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Your Name
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We're looking for excellence - someone who is great at what they do, contributes to the Queensland theatre industry and inspires those around them. So tell us the story of your nominee, and why they should be the recipient of the Emerging Female Arts Leader Award. We are particularly interested in how the nominee demonstrates the following: Collaboration, Authenticity, Strategic Thinking, Personal Development, Integrity. We are also interested in how the nominee seeks development for their artform. Write a maximum of 500 words.
Is the nominee an independent artist or do they work for an organisation? *
What is your relationship to the nominee?
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Are they a First Nations woman?
Is the nominee aware that you are nominating them? *
Email address and/or phone number.
Who else would be able to support this nomination and provide further information if required? Please specify name, role, email address, and/or phone number.

The BAckstage Award

This award will be available to nominate for 2019.

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