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Monday 20th Feb 2017

The Matilda Awards are a not-for-profit organisation that honour and celebrate the achievements of the Queensland theatre Industry.

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Report from Deb Wilks, Executive Chair of Matildas Committee

2018 has been a very busy year for the Executive Committee – a couple of highlights have been-

  1. Finalising the details for the Emerging Women’s Leadership Award.

  2. Hosting a Sponsorship evening on the 4th August 2018.

  3. Development of our sponsorship program.

  4. Writing and acquitting sponsorship and funding proposals to support the awards ceremony in the future.

  5. Commencing discussions around the need for the awards to recognise the work within the Children and Young People sector.

(photo by Susan Hetherington: Matilda Awards sponsorship evening)

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Report from Deb Wilks, Executive Chair of Matildas Committee

Following on from Elise’s update the Matildas Awards are certainly in full swing. The Judges are extremely busy seeing many shows and its great to see so many nominations coming in.

A couple of points from the Executive Committee:

We are just finalising the NEW Emerging Female Leaders Award and will have the criteria up on the web site soon…

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