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Monday 20th Feb 2017

The Matilda Awards are a not-for-profit organisation that honour and celebrate the achievements of the Queensland theatre Industry.

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Moving Forward with The Matildas in 2017

Welcome to our new Matilda Awards web site. I hope that you like it. Please take some time to look around the site and look at the history and the past winners. What an important reminder of the quality of artists who have been recipients of a Matilda over the past 28 years.

But our big announcement is the date of the 2016 Awards Ceremony. We are very excited to announce that next year in 2017 the awards will be held at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre on Monday 20th February 2017.

Much thanks to Fiona and Kris from the Powerhouse for their generous support in making the theatre available to our sector. Kris Stewart will be Directing the awards ceremony and we are confident this will ensure us all an amazing, entertaining and spontaneous evening.

Invitations to attend will be sent out in January 2017. It will still be FREE to attend but you will need to book online. 

2016 has seen a raft of changes take place within the Matilda Awards as we have been successful in receipt of Arts Qld and Brisbane City Council Funding.

Over the past ten months we have:

  1. Appointed three new judges to the committee who have bought a range of experience, knowledge and perspective. 
  2. Rewritten and (hopefully) simplified the Category Guidelines to make it clearer as to what makes a show/artist eligible for certain award categories. 
  3. The web site now has a page for you to self nominate your show or yourself for an award and invite the Matilda judges to your show. 
  4. Developed a Matilda Awards committee code of conduct to clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the judges.
  5. Collected a survey from the sector about the Matildas to better understand what changes are desired. (There will be another survey next year)
  6. Developed judging criteria for judges to work to. This will ensure judges can clearly articulate why and how they voted and artists can see what judges are working with. The criteria will be available on this web site when complete.

Its pleasing to see that when we look back we have been achieving what we set out to do. Rosemary and I attended the Green Room Awards and met with their Chair Hilary to discuss the Green Room Award process. 

We have attracted Kris Stewart to the role of Director to ensure a quality awards evening that reflects the high standard of work that Queensland is making and producing. 

We introduced new Award categories to reflect the ever changing nature of the theatre sector including technical, set, lighting and sound. 

From 2017, Regional Queensland will be involved in the Matildas.

Budgets have been set and opportunities for the future are in place with clear objectives about what and why the Matilda Awards exist. 

There are still some fairly significant changes to come which we will alert you to at the awards ceremony. We encourage you to attend and participate in the ongoing discussion as we move the Matildas forward in 2017.

Deb Wilks
Executive Chair

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