Matilda Awards

Monday 20th Feb 2017

The Matilda Awards are a not-for-profit organisation that honour and celebrate the achievements of the Queensland theatre Industry.


This page contains an archive of past Matilda Award recipients by year.






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Matilda Award Winners

Jennifer Flowers
performances - Hedda Gabler, The Lady Aoi, Butts in the Borsht

Sue Rider
devising and directing - The Matilda Women

Eugene Gilfedder
versatile contribution to theatre, musical composition and direction, performance - Hamlet

Robert Arthur
directing - Too Young For Ghosts, Hamlet

David Walters
lighting - Les Liaisons Dangeureuses, The Sentimental Bloke, A Different Drummer


Matilda Commendations

Anna Pike - performance
Sally McKenzie - performance
Russell Kiefel - performance
Bill Haycock - stage design
Rick Billinghurst - directing
Anthony Phelan - performance


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Matilda Award Winners

David Brown
acting - Romeo and Juliet, The Perfectionist
Bruce Auld, stage design - QTC

Jim Vilè
vital contribution to the enrichment of pro-am theatre in Brisbane

Rod Wissler
performance - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Mark Radvan
directing - Equus


Matilda Commendations

Veronica Neave - performance as Juliet
Ian Leigh-Cooper - solid contribution to Brisbane theatre as director and actor
David Clendinning - extraordinary versatility in performance
Christen O'Leary - refreshing new talent in Brisbane theatre - The Threepenny Opera, Tokyo Rose
Errol O'Neill - interpretation of The Christian Brothers

Special Commendation

Queensland Performing Arts Trust - The Soldier's Tale


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Matilda Award Winners

David Clendinning
translating - A Month In The Country, performances - The Venetian Twins, Lost Weekend

Dale Ferguson
stage design - Top Silk, A Month In The Country

Bill Haycock
stage design - Legend, The Glass Menagerie, Brief Lives

Aubrey Mellor
contribution to the development of Queensland theatre

Anthony Phelan
performance - A Month In The Country, Top Silk


Matilda Commendations

Beth Armstron - performance
David Bell - directing
Sally McKenzie - performance
Veronica Neave - performance
David Walters - lighting
Rod Wissler - performance
Joss McWilliam - performance

Special Commendation

Queensland Performing Arts Trust - Legend


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: weekend for two at Sanctuary Cove, certificate

David Bell
directing - The Game of Love and Chance, Bouncers

Aubrey Mellor
directing - Money and Friends

Bryan Nason
artistic direction - Grin 'n' Tonic, directing - Gilgamesh

Anthony Phelan
performance - Essington Lewis - I Am Work, The Game of Love and Chance

Sue Rider
directing - Mrs Klein, devising and directing - Dancing on the Walls Of Paris


Matilda Commendations

Charles Barry - performance
Jennifer Flowers - performance
Eugene Gilfedder - performance
Bill Haycock - stage design
Sally McKenzie - performance
Veronica Neave - performance
Christen O'Leary - performance
Seymour Productions - body of work


Special Commendation

Babette Stephens - a lifetime of service to Queensland theatre


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: $500 cash, $300 shopping vouchers, certificate

Bille Brown
performance - Twelfth Night

Jonathan Hardy
performance - Twelfth Night

Jennifer Flowers
performance - A Cheery Soul, Twelfth Night, Hotel Sorrento, 
directing - The Idiot

Veronica Neave
performance - Twelfth Night, The Idiot

David Berthold
directing - The Heidi Chronicles, co-directing - Hotel Sorrento


Matilda Commendations

Andrew Buchanan - performance, The Adman
Anthony Phelan - performance
Peter Lamb - performance, The Idiot
Jennifer Blocksidge - performance
David Walters - lighting
Dale Ferguson - stage design
Bill Haycock - stage design


Special Commendations

John Kotzas and Queensland Performing Arts Trus - Out of the Box
La Boite Theatre - The Idiot


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Alison Cotes (The Brisbane Review), Des Partridge (The Courier Mail), Richard Waller (The Courier Mail), Veronica Kelly (The Australian), Sue Gough (The Bulletin), Brett Debritz (Sunday Telegraph), Mary Nemeth (Time Off), Barbara Hebden (The Sunday Mail)


Matilda Awards Winners

Brenna Lee-Cooney
establishment - Fractal Theatre Company, directing - The Orestaeia

Sue Rider
directing - Vita!

Dale Ferguson
stage design - Romeo & Juliet, The Shaughraun

Andrew Buchanan
performance - Romeo & Juliet, Summer of the Aliens, The Waking Hour

Jonathan Hardy
performance - Romeo & Juliet, The Shaughraun


Matilda Commendations

Angie Quick
David Clendinning
Eugene Gilfedder
Caroline Kennison - performance, Vita: A Fantasy
Siobhan Lawless - performance, Diving For Pearls


Special Commendation

David Bell, David Walters and Bill Haycock - creatingThe Waking Hour for Queensland Performing Arts Trust


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Des Partridge (The Courier Mail), Richard Waller (The Courier Mail)


Matilda Award Winners

prize: $500 each (Carnivale Committee)

Andrew Buchanan
performances - The Taming of the Shrew, Cosi

Michael Futcher
peformance - Grendel

Kevin Hides
performances - Cosi, Cyrano de Bergerac

Caroline Kennison
performance - Dancing at Lughnasa

Peter Lamb
performances - Coriolanus, Theo An Illumination of the Life of Van Gogh


Highly commended

Hilary Beaton, script - No Strings Attached
Irena Haze, performances - Coriolanus, The Fall of the House of Usher, The Romance of Orpheus
Charles Barry, performance - The Taming of the Shrew
Karen Crone, performances - Cosi, No Strings Attached
shared highly commended between Leah Purcell & Christopher Morris, performance - Low


Outstanding contribution to the local scene

John Kotzas, artistic director Out of the Box
Sue Rider, consistent high standards for la Boite theatre


Special Award for services to the QLD Theatre Industry

Alan Edwards


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: $500

Andrew Buchanan
performances - Hamlet

John Batchelor
performances - Christmas at Turkey Beach, Mill Fire

Elise Greig
performances - Mill Fire, Honour

Philip Dean
script - Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirls

Jacqui Carroll
leadership and direction - Frank Theatre


Matilda Commendations

Gael Ballantyne, performance - The Cavalcaders
Deborah Mailman, performance - The Seven Stages of Grieving
Peter Lamb, performance
Andrew McGahan, script - Bait
Liz Buchanan, performance - Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirls
Barbara Fordham, performance - Long Gone Lonesome Cowgirls


Most Exciting Production

The Dark, Rock 'n' Roll Circus


Sustained Contribution to Queensland Theatre

Sean Mee, recognition 20 years in Queensland theatre


Special Commendations

Bryan Nason, Grin & Tonic Theatre Troupe and its repertory season of four Shakespeare plays
Michael Futcher & Helen Howard, Matrix Theatre
Metro Arts, Experimetro programme


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: $500 prize money

Caroline Kennison
performances - Skylight, Simpatico

Jennifer Flowers
performance - Supermarket Pavane

Glenn Francis
design - Skylight, Love Child, There Goes The Neighbourhood, Supermarket Pavane, The Dreamers, Romeo& Juliet

Lewis Jones
direction - Someone To Watch Over Me, Bouncers

Danny Murphy
performances - Olenna, Abigail's Party, There Goes The Neighbourhood


Matilda Commendations

Michael Futcher
Charles Barry
Bill Haycock
Rachel Konyi
Matt Scott


Best Production

Sweeney Todd - Queensland Theatre Company



Brisbane Festival's community programme for supporting and promoting local theatre


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: cheque for $500 courtesy Carnivale Committee

Elaine Acworth
playwright - Solitary Animals

John Batchelor
performance - Sweet Phoebe, Oz Shorts

Greg Clarke
design - Oz Shorts

Paul Denny
performance - Scar

Robyn Nevin
performance - Masterclass, directing - Summer Rain, After The Ball


Matilda Commendations

Anna Yen, writing, directing, performance
Deborah Mailman, performance
Lorraine Dalu, performance
Elise Greig, performance
Stephen Davis, writing
Anthony Weigh, performance


Special Commendations

Wesley Enoch, services to indigenous theatre
John Kotzas, Stage X Festival 


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Simon Chan (Time Off), Alison Cotes (The Courier Mail), Paul Galloway (Brisbane News), Barbara Hebden (The Sunday Mail), Veronica Kelly (The Australian), Mary Nemeth (The Australian Financial Review)


Matilda Award Winners

prize: $500 each courtesy Carnivale Committee

Helen Howard & Michael Futcher
writing - A Beautiful Life

Dale Ferguson
design - The Marriage of Figaro

David Brown
writing, directing - Kill Everything You Love

Nicola Scott
performance - Sweet Panic

Russell Dykstra
performance & writing - Children of the Devil


Matilda Commendations

Margery Forde, writing - X-Stacy


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Alison Cotes, Olivia Stewart, Paul Galloway


Matilda Award Winners

prize: $1000 donated by The Courier Mail

Bille Brown
performance - The Judas Kiss

Brenna Lee-Cooney
directing - Decadence, Dracula

Wesley Enoch
books, lyrics, directing - The Sunshine Club

Eugene Gilfedder
performance - Decadence, The Tempest, Vertigo and The Virginia, Dracula

Kate Stewart
set design - Hamlet, He Died With A Felafel In His Hand


Matilda Commendations

Angela Campbell, performance - Vertigo and the Virginia
Jennifer Flowers, performance - Georgia
Damien Garvey, performance - The Big Picture
Stephen Grives, performance - Antigone
Roxanne McDonald, performance - Romeo and Juliet, Goin' To The Island, The Sunshine Club
Jill Shearer, writing - Georgia
Kaye Stevenson, performance - Hildegard


Special Awards

Jim Vilè and Katie Williams, directing and producing Cathedrals Week
Queensland Theatre Company, developing and producing The Sunshine Club by Wesley Enoch and John Rodgers


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: certificate and $2000

Julie Eckersley
performances - The Secret Death of Salvador Dali, As You Like It

Mark Bromilow
directing - Clark In Sarajevo

Margery & Michael Forde
writing - Milo's Wake

Yalin Ozucelik
performance - After January

Sean Mee
directing - Box The Pony, performance - Milo's Wake


Matilda Commendations

Stacey Callaghan, writing & performance - When I Was A Boy
Sarah Kennedy, performance - Sylvia
Geoff Squires, lighting - Closer, Clark In Sarajevo, Redemption
Lisa O'Neill, performances - Three Frank Women, Rashamon
Elizabeth Navratil, performance - Ca Ca Courage
Alison Ross, stage design - The Secret Death Salvador Dali


Trust Award for Excellence

Leah Purcell, Box The Pony


Matilda Special Commendation

Sue Rider, for her sustained contribution to Queensland theatre; her development and presentation of new local and Australian work; her encouragement of Queensland Artistes; and her development of La Boite into a professional centre of excellence.


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: certificate and $2000

Michael Dorman
performance - 48 Shades of Brown

Elise Greig
performance - Alive at Williamstown Pier, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, Secret Bridesmaids' Business

Helen Howard
performance - Molly Sweeney

Matt Scott
lighting - The Forest, Richard III, Love's Labour's Lost, Buried Child

Hayden Spencer
performance - Small Mercies, Alive At Williamstown Pier, The Caucasian Circle, Buried Child


Matilda Commendations

Andrew Buchanan, directing - Love's Labour's Lost, The Caucasian Chalk Circle, performance - Love's Labour's Lost, Secret Bridesmaids' Business
Damien Cassidy, performance - The Pitchfork Disney
Christine Johnston, devising, directing, performance - Decent Spinster
Jean-Marc Russ, directing - 48 Shades of Brown, performance - Fred
Sven Swenson, writing - In Lieu of Flowers
David Walters, lighting - Molly Sweeney


Special Commendation

Micahel Gow and Queensland Theatre Company, promoting local writing in their groundbreaking production of Dirt


MEAA Best Emerging Artist

Michael Dorman


In Memory of Ashley Wilkie, a special one-off award for outstanding contribution to theatre public relations

Rosemary Herbert (Walker), La Boite Theatre


Backstage Award for ongoing excellence in Backstage work (chosen by Brisbane theatre directors)

Tiffany Noake


The Actors Benevolent Fund Award for long-time commitment to Queensland Theatre

Leo Wockner


QPAT Award

trophy sculpted by Rhyll Hinwood
Stephen Page, Bangarra Dance Company


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Alison Cotes (The Courier Mail), Olivia Stewart (The Courier Mail), Brett Debritz (Brisbane News), Jo Walker (Scene), Leah Huxley (Scene)


Matilda Award Winners

prize: certificate and $2000 from State Government, Arts Queensland

Carol Burns
performances - Bill and Mary, Bag O' Marbles, directing - Road To Mecca

Greg Clarke
designs - Dogs In The Roof productions, Emma's Nose, Salt, Macbeth

Jon Halpin
directing - The Messiah, Bill and Mary, Bash

Bryan Nason
adaptation, directing, producing - Monkey

David Walters
lighting - Black Chicks Talking, Still Standing


Matilda Commendations

prize: certificate and $50 gift vocuher from Avid Reader bookstore

Eugene Gilfedder, performances - My Love Had A Black Speed Stripe, Emma's Nose, Macbeth
Alison Ross, designs - Cooking With Elvis, Road To Mecca, Bash, Mad Hercules, The Holden Plays
Jean-Marc Russ, performances - Cooking With Elvis, The Messiah


Matilda Special Commendations

Sue Benner and Metro Arts, promoting local artists and producing consistently good work in the inaugural Metro Arts Year of Independents

Queensland Theatre Company, supporting emerging artists through it's inaugural repertory program, and for the excellent body of work by it's ensemble of actors; Chris Beckey, Melinda Butel, Sarah Kennedy and Jason Klarwein

Bryan Nason, his unparalleled contribution to Brisbane theatre - spanning five decades - through his company Grin 'n' Tonic Theatre Troupe


Trust Award for Excellence

Margery Forde, outstanding contribution to theatre in Queensland and Australia


Actors & Entertainers' Benevolent Fund (Qld) Inc. Now The Alan Edwards Memorial Award for Lifetime Contribution to the Performing Arts in Brisbane

prize: certificate and $500
Carol Burns


MEAA Award Best Emerging Actor

Jason Klarwein


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Matilda Award Winners

prize: $2000 each

Paul Denny
performances - A Day In The Death of Joe Egg, The Removalists

Bill Haycock
set design - Half and Half

Caroline Kennison
performances - A Day In The Death of Joe Egg, Cosi

Hayden Spencer
performances - Half and Half, The Lonesome West

Sven Swenson
writing - Road To The She-Devil's Salon


Matilda Commendations

Karen Crone, performance - Cosi
Linda Hassell, writing - Post Office Rose
Jason Klarwein, performance - Half and Half
Bryan Probets, performances - The Lonesome West, Road To The She-Devil's Salon
Jean-Marc Russ, directing - A Conversation, performance - We Were Dancing
Scott Witt, directing - Road To The She-Devil's Salon, excellence in fight choregraphy


Matilda Special Commendations

Dawn Albinger, Artistic Direction of the Magdalena Australia Festival and work with Sacred Cow
Una Hollingworth, ongoing contribution to costume design at Brisbane Arts Theatre


The Actors Benevolent Fund Alan Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award

Errol O'Neill


La Boite Backstage Award

Tony Marr


MEAA Emerging Artist Award

Bryan Probets


QPAC Award for excellence to an individual or ensemble

Bryan Nason


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Matilda Award Winners for Excellence

prize: $2000 prize money from Arts Qld

Hayden Spencer

Melinda Butel

Caroline Kennison

Jean-Marc Russ

Bill Haycock


Best Male Actor in a Lead Role

* Hayden Spencer, The Real Inspector Hound / Black Comedy, Eating Ice Cream With Your Eyes Closed
Mark Conaghan, Zigzag Street
Jason Klarwein, God Is A DJ


Best Female Actor In A Supporting Role

Melinda Butel, Proof (tie)
Caroline Kennison, Wit (tie)

Sarah Kennedy, God Is A DJ
Emily Tomlins, Urban Dingoes


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role

Sandro Colarelli, The Odyssey, The Venetian Twins


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Carita Farrer, Proof, The Venetian Twins


Best Director

Jean-Marc Russ, Eating Ice Cream With Your Eyes Closed


Best Design

Bill Haycock, The Odyssey


Best Sound Design

Brett Collery, God is a DJ


Best Lighting Design

David Walters, The Odyssey, Wicked Bodies


Best Production

* Eating Ice Cream With Your Eyes Closed, QTC
The Oyssey
Real Inspector Hound/Black Comedy
Venetian Twins


Alliance Award for Emerging Artist

Emily Tomlins


Backstage Award

Gayle MacGregor


Alan Edwards Lifetime Achievement Award

Kaye Stevenson


QPAC Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts

Bille Brown


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The Interactive Theatre Australia Award for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a lead role

Patrick Drew, Vincent in Brixton
Marcus Graham, Oedipus the King
* Steven Grives, The Drowning Bride
Barry Otto, The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?
Bryan Probets, A Christmas Carol
Hayden Spencer, The Dance of Jeremiah


The Interactive Theatre Australia Award for Best Performance by a Female Actor in a lead role

Carol Burns, The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?
Carol Burns, Oedipus the King
Helen Christinson, The Drowning Bride
* Sarah Kennedy, Hitchcock Blonde
Barbara Lowing, the Memory of Water
Emily Tomlins, Creche and Burn


The Ben Parkinson Award for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a supporting role

Lafe Charlton, Bitin' Back
Sandro Colarelli, A Christmas Carol
Peter Marshall, The Memory of Water
* Daniel Murphy, The Dance of Jeremiah
Paul Raynor, The Memory of Water
Steven Tandy, Amigos


The Actors' Workshop Award for Performance by a Female Actor in a supporting role

Melinda Butel, Hitchcock Blonde
* Helen Cassidy, The Drowning Bride
Karen Crone, Creche and Burn
Helen Howard, The Memory of Water
Sally McKenzie, Amigos
Andrea Moor, Vincent in Brixton
Jodie le Vesconte, The Memory of Water
Neridah Waters, The Dance of Jeremiah


The QUT Precincts Award for Best Director

Leticia Caceres, The Memory of Water
Wesley Enoch, Bitin' Back
* Michael Futcher, The Drowning Bride
Jon Halpin, Hitchcock Blonde
Sean Mee, The Dance of Jeremiah
Scott Witt, A Christmas Carol


The Toadshow Award for Best Designer

Greg Clarke, Amigos
Adam Couper (Sound), A Christmas Carol
Jo Currey (Lighting), Vincent in Brixton, The Dance of Jeremiah
Bill Haycock, The Memory of Water, the Drowning Bride
Robert Kemp, Oedipus the King
Bruce McKinven, Mano Nera, Hitcock Blonde, Vincent in Brixton
* Jonathan Oxlade, A Christmas Carol, The Dance of Jeremiah, Bitin' Back, Creche and Burn
David Walters (Lighting), Zigzag Street, The Memory of Water


The Book Nook Award for Best Playwright

Vivienne Cleven, Bitin' Back
Elise Greig, Creche and Burn
* Helen Howard and Michael Futcher, The Drowning Bride
David Knijnenburg, Hitchcock and Herrmann
Matthew Ryan, The Dance of Jeremiah
David Williamson, Amigos 


Queensland Performing Arts Centre Award

Gayle MacGregor, for Outstanding Contribution to Theatre Costume Design and Wardrobe Management



Anika Vileé



Leon Cain



Rod Horton



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Gold Matilda Award Winners

Margi Brown-Ash
performance - The Knowing of Mary Poppins

Brett Collery
sound design - Away, Constance Drinkwater and the Final Days of Somerset

Michael Gow
direction - Away, Private Lives, Absurd Person Singular

Robert Kemp
set - Away, Private Lives

Steven Tandy
performance - Last Drinks


Best New Australian Work

New Royal, Marcel Dorney


Best Actress

Barbara Lowing, Away


Best Supporting Actress

Helen Howard, Last Drinks


Best Supporting Actor

Lucas Stibbard, New Royal


Emerging Artists

Ross Balbuziente
Michael Balk
Dirk Hoult, Assasins
Christopher Sommers


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Best New Australian Work

* The Kursk, Sasha Janowicz
The Estimator, David Brown
The Narcissist, Stephen Carleton
Red Cap, Sean Mee, Janis Boladis and Iain Grandage
Walking by Apple Tree Creek, Ian Brown
Summer Wonderland, Matthew Ryan
Post Office Rose, Linda Hassall
The Reunion, Daniel Evans and Rebecca Meston


Best Mainstage Production

* The Narcissist, La Boite Theatre Company (TIE)
* The Glass Menagerie, Queensland Theatre Company (TIE)

Hamlet, Queensland Theatre Company
John Gabriel Borkman, Queensland Theatre Company
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Queensland Theatre Company


Best Director

* Michael Futcher, The Kursk
Ian Lawson, Summer Wonderland
Michael Gow, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Steven Mitchell Wright, Dracula
Michael Futcher, The Glass Menagerie


Best Actress

* Helen Cassidy, The Glass Menagerie
Andrea Moor, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Carol Burns, The Glass Menagerie
Neridah Waters, The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay
Carol Burns, Walking by Apple Tree Creek


Best Actor

* Barry Otto, Heroes
Conrad Coleby, The Glass Menagerie
Eugene Gilfedder, The Kursk
Sandro Colarelli, The Narcissist
Cameron Goodall, Hamlet


Best Supporting Actress

* Helen Cassidy, Post Office Rose
Kerith Atkinson, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Sally Mackenzie, Red Cap
Penny Everingham, John Gabriel Borkman
Natasha Yantsch, The Reunion


Best Supporting Actor

* James Stewart, The Glass Menagerie
Daniel Murphy, Hamlet
Jonathan Brand, The Kursk
Scott Witt, Summer Wonderland
Jonathan Brand, The Narcissist


Best Newcomer

* Jessica Veurman-Betts, Post Office Rose
Chris Power, The Reunion
Dirk Hoult, The Kursk
Rebecca Roberts, Summer Wonderland
Tim Dashwood, The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay


Best Independent Production

* The Kursk, Metro Arts Independents
The Laramie Project, Springboard Theatre Company/ Forward Movement
Post Office Rose, Dogs In The Roof Theatre Company
Dracula, Zen Zen Zo Theatre Company
The Reunion, Metro Arts Independents


Best Technical Design

* David Walters, The Glass Menagerie
Ben Hughes, John Gabriel Borkman
David Walters, Summer Wonderland
Phil Slade, The Glass Menagerie
Guy Webster, Paradise: The Musical


Best Musical Production

* Tom Waits for No Man, Brisbane Cabaret Festival
The Last Five Years, Oscar Theatre Company
Red Cap, La Boite Theatre Company
Paradise: The Musical, Backbone Youth Arts
The Year Nick McGowan Came to Stay, La Boite Company


Best Design

* Greg Clarke, The Glass Menagerie
Bruce McKinven, Hamlet
Jonathon Oxlade, John Gabriel Borkman
Kieran Swann, The Estimator
Jonathon Oxlade, Summer Wonderland


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Best Mainstage Production

* Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome
Attack of the Attacking Attackers
I Am My Own Wife
Rabbit Hole
The Wishing Well


Best Independent Production

* Hoods
My Pet Human
Sun-Con Warrior 2.0


Best Direction

Leticia Caceres: Hoods
* Michael Futcher: Rabbit Hole
* Michael Futcher: The Wishing Well

Rob Pensalfini: Twelfth Night
Sue Rider: Bronte


Best Actress in a Lead Role

* Helen Howard: Rabbit Hole
Ling Hsueh Tang: Ghost Writer
Caroline Kennisons: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
Jodie Le Vesconte: Hoods
Andrea Moor: The Narcissist


Best Actor in a Lead Role

Sandro Colarellli: The Narcissist
Eugene Gilfedder: Rabbit Hole
Peter Marshall: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll
* Jean-Marc Russ: I Am My Own Wife
Scott Witt: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Carol Burns: Rabbit Hole
Judy Hainsworth: The Narcissist
Zoe Houghton: Rabbit Hole
Sally McKenzie: The Wishing Well
* Kaye Stevenson: Summer of the Seventeenth Doll


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

* Andrew Buchanan: Female of the Species
Tim Dashwood: Importance of Being Ernest
Gavin Edwards: Twelfth Night
Robert Thwaites: Motortown
Timothy Walter: Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome


Best New Australian Work

* Attack of the Attacking Attackers: Matthew Ryan
The Danger Age: Kate Mulvany
Hoods: Angela Betzien
Sun-Con Warrior 2.0: Stephen Atkins with Simon Woods
The Wishing Well: Michael Futcher & Helen Howard


Best Emerging Artist

Cameron Hurry: The Lieutenant of Inishmore, Jane Eyre
* Kathryn Marquet: Jane Eyre, Bronte, Risk
Maxine Mellor: Magda's Fascination with Wax Cats
Chris Power: Motortown, The Lieutenant of Inishmore
Kevin Spink: Bronte


Best Design

Robert Kemp: Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome
Josh McIntosh: Rabbit Hole
* Jonathon Oxlade: Attack of the Attacking Attackers
Christina Smith: Female of the Species
Kitty Taube: Hollow Crossing


Best Technical Design

Jason Glenwright: Midsummer's Night Dream
Matt Scott: Anatomy Titus Fall of Rome
* David Walters: August Moon
David Walters: Rabbit Hole
David Walters: Wishing Well


Best Musical Production

* The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Carita Farrer is the Mutha of all Divas
The Lady of the House of Love
The Sound of Music


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Matilda Award Winners

Michael Gow

Richard Jordan

!Metro Arts

Michelle Miall

Sven Swenson


Best New Australian Play

* 25 Down - Richard Jordan, Queensland Theatre Company
The Pineapple Queen - Norman Price, An O'Neill and Price Production in association with Southbank Institute of Technology presented by La Boite Theatre Company
The Truth About Kookaburras - Sven Swenson, co-presented by Metro Arts and Pentimento Productions
The White Earth - Andrew McGahan and Shaun Charles, La Boite Theatre Company


Best Independent Production

Holy Guacamole - The Good Room presentation
Minefields & Miniskirts - MadCat creative connections presentation
Statespeare - co-presented by La Boite Theatre Company and shake & stir theatre co
The Pillowman - co-presented by Metro Arts and 23rd Productions
* The Tempest - IN THE RAW Studio Season production presented by Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre
The Truth About Kookaburras - co-presented by Metro Arts and Pentimento Productions


Best Mainstage Production

God of Carnage - Queensland Theatre Company and Black Swan State Theatre Company presentation
* The Crucible - Queensland Theatre Company
The Pineapple Queen - An O'Neill and Price Production in association with Southbank Institute of Technology presented by La Boite Theatre Company
The White Earth - La Boite Theatre
Toy Symphony - Queensland Theatre Company & State Theatre Company of South Australia presentation


Best Director

Lynne Bradley - The Tempest
Michael Gow - The Crucible
Catarina Hebbard - Minefields & Miniskirts
Ian Lawson - The Pineapple Queen
* Michelle Miall - The Pillowman
Sven Swenson - The Truth About Kookaburras


Best Actor in a Main Role

Andrew Buchanan as John Proctor in The Crucible
Liam Nunan as James in 25 Down
Anthony Phelan as John McIvor in The White Earth
* Steven Rooke as Katurian in The Pillowman


Best Actress in a Main Role

Louise Brehmer as Helen in The Miracle Worker
* Stace Callaghan as William in The White Earth
Veronica Neave as Vèronique Vallon in God of Carnage
Lisa O'Neill as The Pineapple Queen in The Pineapple Queen


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Robert Coleby as Deputy Governor Danforth in The Crucible
James Stewart as Reverend Hale in The Crucible
Dale Thorburn as Caliban in The Tempest
* Chris Vernon as Michal in The Pillowman


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Barbara Lowing as Mrs Walkham in Toy Symphony
Kathryn Marquet as Mary Warren in The Crucible
Paula Nazarski as Tituba in The Crucible
* Andrea Moor as Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible


Best Designer

Jason Glenwright - lighting - The Awfully Big Adventures of Peter Pan
Ben Hughes - lighting - The Crucible
* Jaxzyn (Jen Jackson) - video design - The Pineapple Queen
Robert Kemp - design - The Crucible
Josh McIntosh - design - The Awfully Big Adventures of Peter Pan
Jason Organ - lighting - Oodgeroo - Bloodline To Country


Best Emerging Artist

* Michelle Miall - The Pillowman
Genevieve Trace - Transverse Fracture of the First Metacarpal
Andrew Barclay - Lazarus Won't get Out of Bed
Kieran Law - The Truth about Kookaburras and Transverse Fracture of the First Metacarpal
Jason McLaren - The True Story of Butterfish
Richard Jordan - 25 Down


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Matilda Award Winners

Leon Cain
for his performance in I Love You, Bro

The Escapists
for devising and producing boy girl wall 

Eugene Gilfedder
for his body of performance work in 2010 including
Grimm Tales, Hamlet and The Chairs

Leah Purcell
for her artistic direction of the Aboriginal Centre for the Performing Arts and directing and acting in The Story of the Miracles at Cookies Table

David Berthold
for his repositioning of La Boite and directing
Hamlet and I Love You, Bro


Best Mainstage Production:

Grimm Tales (QTC)
* Hamlet (La Boite)
I Love You, Bro (La Boite)
The Little Dog Laughed (QTC)
The Story of the Miracles at Cookie's Table (Bungabura Productions and QPAC co-production)


Best Independent Production:

The Bitterling (La Boite Independents)
* boy girl wall (The Escapists at Metro)
Furious Angels (Metro Arts)
Single Admissions (Metro Arts)
[title of show] (Oscar Theatre Company)


Best Direction:

Daniel Evans for Single Admissions
David Berthold for Hamlet
Leah Purcell for The Story of The Miracles at Cookie's Table
* Michael Futcher for Grimm Tales
The Escapists for boy girl wall


Best Female Actor in a Lead Role:

Amy Ingram in Fat Pig
Helen Christinson in Macbeth
* Leah Purcell in The Story of The Miracles at Cookie's Table
Liz Buchanan in [title of show]
Melanie Zanetti in Engine


Best Male Actor in a Lead Role:

Christopher Sommers in Fat Pig
Daniel Murphy in Blackbird
Hugh Parker in Betrayal
* Leon Cain in I Love You, Bro
Lucas Stibbard in boy girl wall


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:

Alex Feifers in Fiddler on the Roof
Amy Ingram in Single Admissions
Helen Howard in Hamlet
Melanie Zanetti in Grimm Tales
* Melanie Zanetti in The Little Dog Laughed


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role:

* Dan Crestani in Grimm Tales
Nick Cook in The Little Dog Laughed
Scott Witt in Grimm Tales
Steven Rooke in Fat Pig
Thomas Larkin in Hamlet
William Davies in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Best New Australian Work:

* The Bitterling by Sven Swenson
boy girl wall by The Escapists
A Catch of the Breath by Robert Thwaites
Furious Angels by David Burton
Single Admissions by Tammy Weller


Best Emerging Artist:

* Amy Ingram for acting in Fat Pig and Single Admissions
Daniel Evans for directing Single Admissions
Jessica Harm for acting in April's Fool
Melanie Zanetti for acting in Engine, The Little Dog Laughed and Grimm Tales
Nick Cook for acting in The Little Dog Laughed
Nicki Bloom for writing Tender


Best Design (set, lighting, sound or costume):

Bruce McKinven for set and costume design of The Story of the Miracles at Cookie's Table
* Greg Clarke for design on Grimm Tales
Jason Glenwright for design on Songs for a New World
Josh McIntosh for set and costume design on Jesus Christ Superstar
Steve Toulmin for music and sound design on Hamlet



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Matilda Award Winners

Simone de Haas
for her artistic direction of Mixed Company and commitment to
producing quality self-funded independent theatre across three decades; 
including directing, designing and acting in its body of work

Steven Rooke
for his outstanding body of performance work in 2011, 
including No Man's Land, Julius Caesar and The Removalists

Josh McIntosh
for his prolific body of work for independent theatre
companies in 2011, including shake & stir's Animal Farm
and set and costume designs for Harvest Rain

Marcel Dorney
for his accomplishment as a playwright in
researching and rendering the script of Fractions

Melanie Zanetti
for her radiant performance as
Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion


Best Mainstage Production:

No Man’s Land, Queensland Theatre Company
Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness, La Boite
* Pygmalion, Queensland Theatre Company
Julius Caesar, La Boite


Best Independent Production:

* Animal Farm, Shake & Stir
Empire Burning, Metro Arts/Eugene Gilfedder
* Amadeus, 4MBS Festival of Classics
The Hamlet Apocalypse, La Boite Indie/The Danger Ensemble
Rabbit, The Good Room


Best New Play:

Empire Burning by Eugene Gilfedder
* Fractions by Marcel Dorney
Piano Lessons by Anna Goldsworthy
Underground by Jeremy Neideck and Nathan Stoneham
Water Wars by Elaine Acworth


Best Musical:

* Cabaret, Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre
Piano Lessons, Queensland Music Festival
Spring Awakening, Oscar Theatre Company
Underground, Metro Arts/Motherboard Productions


Best Director:

Daniel Evans, Rabbit
* Michael Futcher, Animal Farm
* Michael Gow, No Man’s Land

Michael Gow, Pygmalion
Kat Henry, Orphans
Jeremy Neideck, Underground


Best Male Actor in a Leading Role:

Sandro Colarelli, Cabaret
* Paul Bishop, Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Gyton Grantley, Ruben Guthrie
Steven Grives, Amadeus
Tama Matheson, Amadeus 


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role:

Chris Betts, Pygmalion
Andrew Buchanan, No Man’s Land
Dan Crestani, Sacre Bleu
Dirk Hoult, The Ugly One
Thomas Larkin, Julius Caesar
* Steven Rooke, No Man’s Land


Best Female Actor in a Lead Role:

Emma Dean, Cabaret
Emily Tomlins, Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Kate Wilson, Water Wars
* Melanie Zanetti, Pygmalion


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:

* Carol Burns, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
Anna McGahan, Julius Caesar
Elizabeth Millington, Anna Straker, Giema Contini (puppeteers), The Harbinger
Anna Mowry, Amadeus
Jessica Verumann-Betts, Water Wars


Best Emerging Artist:

Finn Gilfedder-Cooney, Empire Burning
Matthew Hadgraft, Cabaret
Lauren Jackson, Secret Bridesmaids’ Business
* Anna McGahan, Julius Caesar
Megan Sarmardin, Little Birung
Charles Sells, Spring Awakening


Best Design (set, lighting, sound or costume):

Simone Romaniuk, set design, Fractions
* Renee Mulder, set design, Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness
Josh McIntosh, set design, Animal Farm
Robert Kemp, set design, No Man’s Land
Jason Glenwright, lighting design, DragQueensland
Thomas M Wright, production design, I Feel Awful



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Gold Matilda Award Winners

Bryan Probets

Simone Romaniuk

Helen Howard

David Walters

Margi Brown Ash


Silver Matilda Commendations


Best Mainstage Production:

As You Like It (La Boite)
Bombshells (QTC)
* Kelly (QTC)
Tender Napalm (La Boite)
The Harbinger (La Boite & Dead Puppet Society)

Best New Australian Work:

* A Tribute of Sorts (Benjamin Schostakowski)
Home (Margi Brown Ash)
Kelly (Matthew Ryan)
Managing Carmen (David Williamson)


Best Independent Production:

1984 (shake & stir)
* A Tribute of Sorts (La Boite & Monsters Appear)
Loco Maricon Amor (The Danger Ensemble & Metro Arts)
Thérèse Raquin (Zen Zen Zo)
Vikram and the Vampire (Zen Zen Zo) 


Best Male Actor in a Leading Role:

Bryan Probets (1984)
* Dash Kruck (A Tribute of Sorts)
Kurt Phelan (Tender Napalm)
Steven Rooke (Kelly) 


Best Female Actor in a Leading Role:

Christen O'Leary (Bombshells)
* Emily Curtin (A Tribute of Sorts)
Helen Howard (As You Like It)
Lizzie Ballinger (Thérèse Raquin)
Margi Brown Ash (Home)


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role:

* Bryan Probets (As You Like It)
John Batchelor (Managing Carmen)
Steven Tandy (Romeo and Juliet)
Tony Brockman (Thérèse Raquin)


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:

Liz Buchanan (Hairspray) 
* Louise Brehmer (Thérèse Raquin)
* Luisa Prosser (Thérèse Raquin)

Rachel Dunham (Hairspray) 


Best Director:

Ben Schostakowski (A Tribute of Sorts)
* Helen Howard (Thérèse Raquin)
Michael Futcher (1984)
Todd MacDonald (Kelly)


Best Design:

Bev Jensen (Home)
Optikal Bloc (1984)
Simone Romaniuk (Elizabeth)
* Simone Romaniuk (Kelly)


Best Emerging Artist:

Daniel Anderson (lighting design for Bombshells and Tender Napalm)
Emily Curtin (A Tribute of Sorts)
* Lizzie Ballinger (Thérèse Raquin)
Luisa Prosser (Thérèse Raquin) 



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Gold Matilda Award Winners

Barbara Lowing
for performances in
The China Incident, Tequila Mockingbird, and Motherland

Jason Glenwright
for lighting Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele, Out Damn Snot,
Blood Brothers, Oklahoma!, Next to Normal, and Tequila Mockingbird 

Andrea Moor
for directing Venus in Fur

shake & stir theatre co.
for creating Tequila Mockingbird

Christen O’Leary
for her performance in End of the Rainbow


Silver Matilda Commendations


Best Mainstage Production:

1001 Nights, Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Music Festival and Brisbane City Council, 
in association with Zen Zen Zo
End of the Rainbow, Queensland Theatre Company and QPAC
*Tequila Mockingbird, shake + stir and QPAC
Venus in Fur, Queensland Theatre Company


Best New Australian Work:

*1001 Nights, Michael Futcher and Helen Howard (adapters)
Motherland, Katherine Lyall-Watson
Tequila Mockingbird, Nelle Lee
This is Capital City, Sandra Carluccio


Best Independent Production:

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Queensland Shakespeare Ensemble
A Tender Thing, Full Circle Theatre
*Motherland, Metro Arts and Ellen Belloo
This Is Capital City, Sandra Carluccio and La Boite Indie with the support of QPAC


Best Male Actor in a Leading Role:

Bryan Probets, Tequila Mockingbird
*Dan Crestani, 1001 Nights
Michael Croome, A Tender Thing
Todd Macdonald, Venus in Fur


Best Female Actor in a Leading Role:

Barbara Lowing, The China Incident
Christen O’Leary, End of the Rainbow
*Libby Munro, Venus in Fur
Margi Brown Ash, The Wizard of Oz


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role:

Anthony Standish, End of the Rainbow
*Hayden Spencer, End of the Rainbow
Ross Balbuziente, Tequila Mockingbird
Zac Kelty, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role:

Barbara Lowing, Tequila Mockingbird
Johancee Theron, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
*Louise Brehmer, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Tina Torabi, 1001 Nights


Best Director:

Andrea Moor, Venus In Fur
David Bell, End of the Rainbow
*Michael Futcher, 1001 Nights
Rob Pensalfini, A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Best Design (Set and costumes):

*Angel Kosch, costume design, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Bill Haycock, set design, 1001 Nights
Freddie Komp, set design, A Tender Thing
Simone Romaniuk, set design, The Pitch and The China Incident


Best Technical Design (Lighting, multimedia and sound design):

Ben Hughes, lighting design, 1001 Nights
Ben Hughes, lighting design, Mother Courage and Her Children
Guy Webster, sound design, Venus In Fur
Marcel Dorney and Steve Toulmin, music composition and arrangement, Prehistoric
*Phil Slade, musical director, 1001 Nights


Bille Brown Award for the Best Emerging Artist:

Belinda McCormack, designer, 1066: The Bayeux Brought to Life
Johancee Theron, actor, A Midsummer Night’s Dream
*Sandra Carluccio, creator, This Is Capital City
Shannon Haegler, actor, Tequila Mockingbird


Best Musical or Cabaret:

Blood Brothers, Harvest Rain and QPAC
Next to Normal, Oscar Theatre Company and QPAC
The Lady of the House of Love, Metro Arts, Queensland Music Festival and Brisbane City Council
*Rumour Has It: 60 Minutes Inside Adele, Judith Wright Centre and the little red company


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Gold Matilda Award Winners

Steven Mitchell Wright
for directing A Doll's House and directing/designing Caligula

Tim O'Connor
for realising a new vision for Harvest Rain

optikal bloc
for projection and video work on Pale Blue Dot, The Mountaintop,
Wuthering Heights, Gasp! and 1984 

Simone Romaniuk
for designing Macbeth and Australia Day

Sven Swenson
for co-producing, writing and acting in Angel Gear and Dangerfield Park



Silver Matilda Commendations

Best Mainstage Production

A Doll‘s House, La Boite Theatre Company & Brisbane Festival
*Gloria, Queensland Theatre Company
Macbeth, Queensland Theatre Company in association with The Grin & Tonic Theatre Troupe
Pale Blue Dot, La Boite Theatre Company

Best Independent Production

*Angel Gear, La Boite Indie & Pentimento Productions
with the support of QPAC

The Button Event, Brisbane Festival & Queensland Theatre Company
Machina, La Boite Indie & MadCat Creative Connections
with the support of QPAC
Sex with Strangers, Jennifer Flowers, Thomas Larkin & Brisbane Powerhouse


Best Male Actor in a Leading Role

Nicholas Gell, Hedonism’s Second Album
Thomas Larkin, Sex With Strangers
Hugh Parker, A Doll’s House
*Sven Swenson, Angel Gear


Best Female Actor in a Leading Role

*Helen Christinson, A Doll’s House
Veronica Neave, Sex with Strangers
Christen O’Leary, Gloria
Naomi Price, Wrecking Ball


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role

Chris Beckey, A Doll’s House
*Damien Cassidy, A Doll’s House
Chris Kellett, Spamalot
Steven Rooke, Gloria


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Julie Anthony, Spamalot
Caroline Kennison, Pale Blue Dot
*Cienda McNamara, A Doll’s House
Casey Woods, Angel Gear


Best Director

David Bell, Gloria
*Steven Mitchell Wright, A Doll’s House
Callum Mansfield, Cats
Tim O’Connor, Spamalot
Dave Sleswick, Or Forever Hold Your Peace


Best Design (Set and costumes)

Bill Haycock, Gloria
Josh McIntosh, Spamalot
Steven Mitchell Wright, Ben Hughes & Nathalie Ryner, Caligula
*Simone Romaniuk, Macbeth


Best Technical Design (Lighting, multimedia and sound design)

optikal bloc, The Mountaintop
*optikal bloc, Pale Blue Dot
Ben Knapton, Nathan Sibthorpe & Freddy Komp, He Dreamed a Train
Guy Webster, The Button Event


Bille Brown Award for the Best Emerging Artist

*Casey Woods, Angel Gear
Ashlee Lollback, Pale Blue Dot
Elijah Wellsmore, Gloria
Eliah Watego, Black Diggers


The Lord Mayor's Award for Best New Australian Work

Adam Brunes & Naomi Price, Wrecking Ball
*Richard Jordan, Machina
Kathryn Marquet, Pale Blue Dot
Sven Swenson, Angel Gear


Best Musical or Cabaret

Wrecking Ball, the little red company
Cats, Harvest Rain Theatre Company
*Spamalot, Harvest Rain Theatre Company
Good-bye Miss Monroe, Grayboy Entertainment


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Carol Burns
for an outstanding performance in Happy Days,
and also to celebrate an exceptional body of work.




Best Mainstage Production

* Brisbane, Queensland Theatre Company
Dracula, shake & stir theatre co
Grounded, Queensland Theatre Company
Oedipus Doesn't Live Here Anymore, Queensland Theatre Company & Queensland Government 


Best Independent Production

Heavenly Bodies, Pentimento Productions in association with Brisbane Powerhouse
My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe, Fractal Theatre
* The Pillowman, Shock Therapy Productions in partnership with Brisbane Powerhouse
Slammed, Crosstown Artists
Tiptoe, Brisbane Powerhouse in partnership with Pentimento Productions


Best Male Actor in a Leading Role

Sandro Colarelli, My Love Had a Black Speed Stripe
* Dash Kruck, Brisbane
Regan Lynch, Heavenly Bodies
Nick Skubij, Dracula 


Best Female Actor in a Leading Role

Carol Burns, Happy Days
* Libby Munro, Grounded
Christen O'Leary, Medea
Melissa Western, Barbara and Barry's Sweet, Sour and Saucy 


Best Male Actor in a Supporting Role

Brian Lucas, The Seagull
* Tama Matheson, The Pillowman
Silvan Rus, Titus
Colin Smith, The Odd Couple 


Best Female Actor in a Supporting Role

Kimberley Hodgson, Into the Woods
Sarah McLeod, Tiptoe
* Naomi Price, Ladies in Black
Emily Tomlins, The Motion of Light in Water 


Best Director

* Sam Foster, The Pillowman
Michael Futcher, Dracula
Andrea Moor, Grounded
John Peek, Slammed 


Best Design (Set and costumes)

* Josh McIntosh - set design on Dracula
Josh McIntosh - set design on Sweet, Sour and Saucy
Raymond Milner - production design on Heavenly Bodies
Sarah Winter - set design on Medea 


Best Technical Design (Lighting, multimedia and sound)

* Jason Glenwright - lighting design on Dracula
Ryan Mahony - sound design on Heavenly Bodies
Raymond Pittmann - video design on De Profundis
David Walters - lighting design on Brisbane


Bille Brown Award for the Best Emerging Artist

Billy Bourchier, Pirates of Penzance
Kimberley Hodgson, Into the Woods
* Georgina Hopson, Pirates of Penzance & Into the Woods
Sarah Morrison, Ladies in Black 


The Lord Mayor's Award for Best New Australian Work

* Brisbane, by Matthew Ryan
I Might Take My Shirt Off, by Dash Kruck with music by Chris Perren
Oedipus Doesn't Live Here Anymore, by Daniel Evans
Slammed, by Stefanie Brooke Harper


Best Musical or Cabaret

Barbara and Barry's Sweet, Sour and Saucy, Judith Wright Centre
Boy&Girl2: Mercury Rising, Oscar Theatre Company & Brisbane Powerhouse
* I Might Take My Shirt Off, QPAC in association with QLD Cabaret Festival, Jai Higgs & Dash Kruck
Ladies in Black, Queensland Theatre Company, in association with QPAC


Hall of Fame

Sven Swenson


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Dead Puppet Society for their exceptional body of work.



Best Mainstage Production

Bastard Territory, Queensland Theatre Company and JUTE Theatre Company
George’s Marvellous Medicine, shake & stir theatre co and QPAC
* Switzerland, Queensland Theatre Company
The Wider Earth, Queensland Theatre Company and Dead Puppet Society


Best Independent Production

Carrie: The Musical, Brisbane Powerhouse and Wax Lyrical Productions
Hanako, Brisbane Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse and Belloo Creative
True West, Brisbane Powerhouse, Troy Armstrong Management, Thomas Larkin and Annette Box
* Viral, Shock Therapy Productions


Best Musical or Cabaret

* Carrie: The Musical, Brisbane Powerhouse and Wax Lyrical Productions
Hairspray, Harvest Rain Theatre Company
Terror Australis, Brisbane Powerhouse and Leah Shelton
Snow White, La Boite, Opera Queensland and Brisbane Festival


Best New Australian Work

proudly supported by Brisbane City Council

* Bastard Territory, Stephen Carleton
St Mary’s in Exile, David Burton
The Wider Earth, David Morton
Viral, Sam Foster & Hayden Jones


Best Director

Caroline Dunphy, Motherland
Ian Lawson, Bastard Territory
* David Morton, The Wider Earth
Zoë Tuffin, Carrie: The Musical


Best Male Actor

* Matthew Backer, Switzerland
Sam Foster, Viral
Benhur Helwend, Bastard Territory
Thomas Larkin, True West


Best Supporting Male Actor

* Julian Curtis, True West
Jackson McGovern, American Buffalo
John McNeill, Endgame
Silvan Rus, Twelfth Night
Steven Tandy, Bastard Territory


Bille Brown Award for Best Emerging Artist

Masako Mizusawa, Hanako
Sophie Perkins, Carrie: The Musical
Paige Poulier, Twelfth Night
* Emily Weir, Tartuffe


Best Female Actor

Kerith Atkinson, A Slight Ache
* Andrea Moor, Switzerland
Sophie Perkins, Carrie: The Musical
Kimie Tsukakoshi, Hanako


Best Supporting Female Actor

Jennifer Flowers, Endgame
Libby Munro, Disgraced
Paige Poulier, Twelfth Night
* Emily Weir, Tartuffe


Best Set Design

Aaron Barton & David Morton, The Wider Earth
Georgina Greenhill, American Buffalo
* Leah Shelton, Terror Australis
Anthony Spinaze, Switzerland


Best Costume Design

* David Morton & Aaron Barton, The Wider Earth
Kris Bird, Bastard Territory
Karen Cochet, Snow White
Jessica Haack, Twelfth Night
Josh McIntosh, George’s Marvellous Medicine
Leah Shelton, Terror Australis


Best Lighting Design

* Jason Glenwright, Carrie: The Musical
Jason Glenwright, The Tragedy of King Richard III
Ben Hughes, Switzerland
David Walters, The Wider Earth


Best Sound Design / Composition

Dane Alexander, Hanako
* Tony Brumpton (Sound Design), Lior & Tony Buchen (Composition), The Wider Earth
Rob Pensalfini & Silvan Rus, Twelfth Night
Steve Toulmin, Switzerland


Best Audio Visual Design

Tiffany Atkin & John Grist, Hanako
* Justin Harrison (AV Design) & Anna Straker (Illustration), The Wider Earth
optikal bloc, Terror Australis
Nathan Sibthorpe, Viral



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